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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Some Summary Statistics

I was away from home for 37 days, of which four were spent driving, and I skipped two days, so I skied for 33 days. I managed to remember to turn the My Tracks GPS tracking on for 31 days. In those 31 days, I was out skiing for 182 hours and 2 minutes, and covered more than 1,274 miles ("more than", as the GPS sometimes teleports you if it can't fine enough satellites, which it definitely can't when you're in a tunnel). Since I drove a total of 1850 miles, until I set of for home, I'd travelled further on skis (and ski-lifts!) than by car.

The longest day was over 100km (80 miles), and highest speed was a well judged 99km/h (~62mph), which was at the bottom of the Trolles run into Tignes.

A few random highlights

  • Best Omelette : Omelette au Beaufort at Le Dou du Praz, La Plagne
  • Best Cafe: La Cremerie, La Thuile, Italy
  • Best resort for skiing: Tignes
  • Best resort overall: La Rosiere/La Thuile