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Monday, 16 January 2017

Champagny en Vanoise

View waiting for the Chunnel
After leaving Bristol with snow on the ground, and driving to the Chunnel, I found snow there too.

Reims Christmas Lights
I drove on to Reims, where the Christmas lights are still up. I stayed in the Hotel Azur , as I usually do, then drove on down to Champagny.
The weather on Saturday was fine right through to Moutiers, but a bit above Brides Les Bains it got very slippy. After diverting into Brides (and thinking of staying the night there), I grappled with the chains, and was then able to drive up to Champagny. (The first time I have successfully put the chains in when I needed them).

Excellent skiing both yesterday and today in Champagny and La Plagne, but cold. -17C and lower.

Stats (According to skitracks)
January 15: 
Max speed 64.7kph
Ski Distance: 35.2 km
Ski Vertical: 5403m
Runs: 16
(This is definitely confused by taking the bubble back down to Champagny)

January 16:
Max speed: 70.1 kph
Ski Distance: 25.8 km
Ski Vertical : 3682m
Runs: 19
(This isn't; I started/ended skitracks at the top of the bubble).

Sunny weather in La Plagne