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Thursday, 7 February 2013

We got to Italy

Amazing powder snow in La Rosiere, but grey light and poor visibility. One excellent run, first down the top of the black run from the Roc Noir lift; powder so deep it fluffs up into your mouth and over your goggles! The couple of French guys who were also there agreed that it was "Incroyable" and "Magnifique".

However the sun in Italy was calling so off through the pass and down to La Cremerie.

The pizza oven in Le Rascard was broken, so we had lunch at Maison Carel.

As expected, the snow in Italy was very different. Icy low down, and blown off higher up. Still, nice to get in one day in something approaching sun.

On the way back along Choucas, in poor visibility, I hit a snow drift (on piste!) that knocked me backwards so that I ended up still in my skis but lying backwards with snow over my head! Apparently I just disappeared.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Back in La Rosiere

Back in La Rosiere with the family, but in a new (to us) chalet. This year we have the chalet to ourselves. Food and hospitality as good as ever, with Alex and Emma doing a great job.

Tea laid out ready for tired skiers

The weather hasn't been great so far this week, with lots of grey clouds on the pistes and snow, so we haven't made it to Italy yet. As the sign said "Italy is closed" (which may be a slightly extreme view!).

Alison threatened by a mad marmotte
We had a good day today despite the grey weather, with an off piste lesson in the morning with ESF. Ashley got stuck in a tree, and Jennifer is probably now ahead of Alison on points in the "Breaking ski-poles" competition, since she managed to break one of the instructors poles, which counts for three points as against Alison's two for breaking both her own poles. (Breaking someone else who isn't an instructor would be 2 points). By the end of the lesson everyone more or less had the idea, and was enjoying themselves.
After lunch more just off piste, with nice snow everywhere.

I wanted to take a picture of Mont Blanc for Roger, since he's so keen on them, but we haven't seen it yet...