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Saturday, 10 January 2015

Apres Ski

Roger feeling at home in Bourg

and so on to Tignes, staying in the chalet (Chalet Sauterelles with SnowBug) which I first stayed in in 1981 on the first Inmos ski trip!


  1. We have just checked in for our flight and I've finally booked my ski pass, benefitting from a random January offer of 15% off on any 6-day period between 11th and 24th January (so I ended up paying less than Henry who got a mere 10% off for early booking on his).
    You will have to show us where the Antigel cafe is as I want a macaron and also am against gels of all kinds, particularly those made with fish gelatine, so feel it's my kind of place.

    1. Antigel is the new restaurant on the way down from Roches Noir to la Rosiere. The espresso in the Plan du Repos is only 1.80E, but it's hard to get to now. (Well, it's not on any obvious route; the remnant of Choucas is still there so you can get straight back to the front de neige, but the pisted route from the Fort back to the f-d-n is now via the new Plan du Repos lift and Roches Noir).