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Thursday, 8 January 2015

Two More Sunny Days

Changes in La Rosiere

The new Plan du Repos chair lift is fine, but (perhaps to ensure that it justifies its existence), Choucas has disappeared. The top part is now Mouflon, but it then routes you down to the Plan du Repos lift, so there is now no way to get from the top of the Fort to the Maison du Ski without taking another lift (the Plan du Repos). This change will also make the top of the run back from Roches Noires to the Maison du Ski even more congested at the end of the day. I'm not convinced it's an improvement, even though Choucas was tedious!

Coffee Survey

An espresso coffee in France is generally 2Euro up the mountain, though cheaper in town (e.g. 1.80Euro in Aux Trois Ours in Les Eucherts). The best deal therefore seems to be at l'Antigel, where you get a macaron with your coffee.

Espresso in l'Antigel

Espresso in the pass


We ate in Lo Tata in La Thuile which is indistinguishable from its previous incarnation as le Rascard. The Pizza remains as good as ever. Getting there is hard at present, since there is very little snow and only one run down into La Thuile. Here's the state of the slalom piste!
You have to walk right down from the piste to get to the restaurant; no skiing down to the road!

After lunch, to la Cremerie for an ice-cream

Unfortunately no pistache on the ice-cream menu this week!

Today we had lunch at Le Meleze; Roger was unable to resist polenta...


Yesterday: top speed 83 km/h 58.3km travelled
Today: top speed 86 km/h ~70km travelled (approximate since my logging is incomplete as "Ski Tracks" doesn't seem to record tracks when running on my phone. A whole 89p down the drain unless/until they fix it!)

Miscellaneous Photos

View at breakfast

Sunset over the Maison du Tourisme
Le Mont Pourri

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