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Thursday, 15 January 2015

Tignes, SkiBug, Snoworks

I am in Tignes this week staying in Skibug's Chalet Sauterelle, which I think I first stayed in on the first Inmos ski trip in 1981. Paul and Lorraine's hospitality is impeccable!

When I arrived here on Saturday, I discovered that another couple in the chalet were booked on a Snoworks back-country course. They had just finished another Snoworks course, and were very positive, so, a few emails and texts later, I was booked on the course too.

Given the poor state of the weather and the snow, our guide/mentor/teacher Nick  has been doing a great job keeping us moving around the mountain and finding pockets of powder, despite many of the real back-country routes being un-skiable (at least safely...).
Making tracks!
In the Charvet gorge
Entering les Pays Deserts
A well deserved demi de pression at the
end of the day.

p.s. Google's "Auto-Awesome" created the panorama above on its own when it backed up the photos from my phone.

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