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Monday, 5 January 2015

Progress so far...


A fairly uneventful trip. Roger and I left Bristol at about 8am, and were at the channel tunnel at 11. We were offered (and took) the chance to travel on the 11:50 train instead of the 12:36 and reached Le Val Moret as it was getting dark.
We resisted the lobster menu and the deconstructed crunchy irish coffee, but had a very pleasant meal.

Unpleasant fog from the off on Saturday most of the way to Dijon, but no traffic or road problems, so we were in La Rosiere about 3:30pm.


A rather unpleasant day on Sunday, doing two runs in zero visibility, which made me completely sea-sick, so I retired to bed for the afternoon.

A good day today, over to La Thuile in bright sun all day for coffee at La Cremerie, so here's the traditional picture of coffee there.
La Cremerie Coffee
A lot of La Thuile is closed, all of the Arnouvaz area is shut, and some of the lifts in the pass are also closed. There's even a pond on what is normally part of the piste in the centre of the resort!

Roger in front of Mont Blanc
We came back through the pass and had lunch at the fort restaurant. Then tried to find Choucas to get back to the front de neige, but it no longer exists! My theory is that they're funnelling you down to the new Plan du Repos lift to ensure that it has lots of traffic and can be shown to be useful!

"My Tracks" reckons 51.78km travelled in 5h 37m with a top speed of 75km/h and 4,863m of elevation gain.

Another sunny day is forecast tomorrow!

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