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Sunday, 31 January 2016

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Catching up!


La Piste Perdu
Friday started off looking very flat, so we went down La Piste Perdue,

I had no time to take pictures of the points where you have to take your skis off and drop down under rocks!
As you can see, the sun began to come out, so we went down Le Spatule again, before heading back to Tignes.

La Grande Motte and Val Claret

Since I'd worked out the GoPro I went over to Val, and GoPro-ed the descent of La Face and then both directions on the up-and-over. All of those need an editor, so I won't post them here.


It turned out colder, though still relatively sunny. I did a number of runs and then ran down Le Golf back to the chalet to pick up another layer! Back up to Val Claret and a very good Tarte au Beaufort (with leeks). Up on the slug

and then the cable-car (after a wind-delay) to the top of La Grande Motte.

Down, around, and back to town to return my skis. Then back to the chalet for a shower, tea and cake, and a "Putting on chains" lesson from Paul before driving down to La Rosière, where Jo was already installed. The snow arrived an hour or so later, and Maurice (fresh from the US via LHR and GVA a few hours after that!)


It was snowing. Unfortunately they'd shut Fontaine Froide, so Maurice and I went over to Eucherts, had coffee in Le Plan du Repos and did Marmottes to the bottom, where the light was better, but the snow heavy. Back for lunch in the Relais, where Jo was attacked by Alison's marmot!

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