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Monday, 25 January 2016


I met the Snoworks folks and have been allocated to Emma Carrick-Anderson's off-piste group, but, due to my own stupidity (reserving a lift pass starting on 1 February, which took a while, and a call to someone in the data-centre to fix!), I ended up skiing with another chap who had also messed u his lift pass in the morning, and then skiing with Ewan's "All Terrain" course in the afternoon.

Rob and I went up la Grande Motte

Here's (a slightly weird) Google panorama from the cable car station at the top of the Grande Motte.

And, to prove I really was there...

And, for anyone who is interested. SkiTracks reckons
Max Speed: 70.4 km/h
Ski Distance: 35.2 km (+24.4 km on lifts)
Descent: 6474m
Max Altitude: 3505m (though that's a GPS height, which is ~50m above the French Datum)

I'm looking forward to the Snoworks off-piste tomorrow (now that I have a working lift-pass!)


  1. That is such a Caroline face.

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