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Thursday, 28 January 2016

Thursday in Tignes

Paul and Lorraine's day off, so no hot breakfast today (and an excuse to lie in, since the Snoworks course was in the afternoon again). But I was still on a lift by 9:30 (which, in English time, is before I'd be in the office!)

Having failed to GoPro La Face de Bellevarde yesterday (I ended up with a large number of timelapse stills) I was going to do it today, but forgot to pack the harness. Maybe tomorrow.

No pictures of Mont Blanc today (sorry, Roger), but here's la Grande Motte.

Apparently the snow down the back above Le Fornet was horrible this morning, so we did fairly similar things to yesterday (a run down from Solaise to le Laisenant, and then down to Le Fornet).

Emma is confidently predicting snow for tonight. We'll see...

This evening, I visited La Palette du Boulele, which was wonderful (and full of people speaking French. I didn't hear an English conversation), then visited the excellent "A la Crêperie Bretonne". Which did everything it said on the can. Galette au sarrazin oeuf fromage, val de Rance cidre, crêpe au crème de marrons. Parfait! I also discovered (from the place mat) that "le Roi Artur" was "un chasseur de sangliers". Something I had somehow previously missed,which puts him straight into Asterix. Maybe there was a place at the round table for Obélix?

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