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Sunday, 24 January 2016

Les Arcs

A mixed drive down

  • 30 minute delay on Eurotunnel 
  • Missing the exit to Magnant (and so not getting to Le Val Moret)
  • Unpleasant rain down through France on Friday
  • A decent hotel in Chaumont (where I saw the Tour d'Arse)
  • Some wonderful views of wind-turbines standing above fog, and chateaux d'eau also above fog.
  • The excellent, view of snowy Alps at Chambery
After arriving in Bourg about 4:30 on Saturday, I stayed at the Hostellerie, the dining room is as great as ever, and the "chariot de fromages" should be in some "liste de la Patrimone de la France".

The view from my room looked like this, this morning.

Here's the funicular arriving in Bourg 


And here are some views from the Aiguille Rouge.

And, for those who will be with us in La Rosiere next week, here's a view over to la Rosiere.

And, since you enjoy coffee pictures, and French humour

Enough for today... (though I did do a single run with 1800m of descent!)

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