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Tuesday, 26 January 2016


A successful day, the Skiworks course in the morning, with Emma Carrick-Anderson explaining to me all the things that I know are wrong with my off-piste skiing! (I'm not low enough, I'm tryng to ski parallel...). She did say I had improved by the end, though!

Rob and I skied down to Les Brevieres for lunch (a very good Tarte au Beaufort et sa salade verte).

No photos from this morning; we were too busy skiing.
So here are a couple from this afternoon.

Mont Blanc from Toviere

La Grande Motte

The course starts in Val d'Isere tomorrow, I expect we'll be over to le Fornet.


Ski distance: 40.9 km (+lifts 27.2km)
Vertical descent: 7397m
Max Speed: 72.1 km/h

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