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Thursday, 3 February 2011

Day 27: Tignes, Val d'Isere

Ben's day off (though he was serving breakfast as a punishment for a misdemeanour earlier in the week). So, there is no ski-guiding today. Most people made a slightly later start, I decided to ski on my own, since I'll be skiing with everyone next week. So, up and down around Tignes, then up on the Grande Motte under skies with a slight high haze. Down from the top of the Motte to the Val Claret in under ten minutes. Ben timed us yesterday, he did it in 6mins and a bit, I was 10m10s, though in neither case was I racing, just coming down at a natural pace and avoiding the traffic.
Over to La Daille to look for lunch, which I didn't find there, so up the "Funival" (which is guaranteed teleportation for GPS since it runs in a tunnel) and down to Val, where I managed to find a French hotel with a "menu du jour" for 18Euro (salade verte, cabillaud with polenta and carrots, the usual desert selection from which I chose the creme caramel, and very good it was too.) After lunch up onto Solaise, and then back to Tignes. I'm not convinced by a lot of polenta for lunch, even though I left some!
90degree panorama from Toviere looking towards "that mountain" and
La Rosiere
Down to Tignes le Lac and then up and once around Aiguille Percee, where the run was very polished and developing lumps.
Back towards Les Brevieres, with a detour onto the "Silene" black run, which was horrible (narrow with big icy moguls with cliffs on the back). After getting down half of it I realised that I could traverse right and find the red run.
Finally back down to Brevieres over the ice at the bottom.
The Church in Les Brevieres
Probably out for a light dinner later with some of the others, though lunch was large!
There seems to be some current problem uploading My Tracks data to Google Maps. Maybe it's time to reboot the phone.

Looking forward to seeing the family on Sunday on La Rosiere. I hope everyone is fit, since I just ordered five lift passes.

No snow is forecast, with sun or high cloud (and high temperatures). Maybe the snow in Italy will be better.


  1. I am fit! Just a bit bruised from roller derby as I got slammed into a wall the other day. I will tell everyone I'm reffing tomorrow not scrimmaging, thus minimising risk of more serious injury...

  2. I am well, just exhausted! Ashley claims he's ill, but really he's just complaining :p

    See you on Sunday :D