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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Day 36: La Rosiere, La Thuile

Jo and Jim at Roches Noires
My last day skiing. Caroline was too tired to ski today, so Jo used "her" pass to come up on the Roches Noirs Express with her raquettes to walk up to the fort. The link to Italy was closed, so we skied down to the Landeliers lift (which had been closed all week). Alison had a good wipeot on the black run, which seemed to be carnage, with a falling boarder and another sliding skier. By the time we were at the top of Landeliers, Jo had snow-shoed up there.
Jo snow shoeing
We went down and up to the Fort, by which time she was there too.
Luckilyby this time the liaison with Italy was open; it wasn't quite clear why it had been closed, though they sent  a piste-basher down the run from the fort towards Italy. I want a piste basher all the time; skiing 100m behind it was great.
We only took one drag, and then skied some runs in the pass. The snow was amazingly good, given that it hasn't snowed for a month. We then went down the road for lunch at Lo Riondet, definitely the place to go if you like polenta, though we managed to avoid it and had good meals none the less.
Jennifer and Ashley (and consumed Cafes affogato)
After lunch skied around a bit, then down to La Cremerie for cafe affogato.
Back through the pass with a (more or less) last look at Mont Blanc which I'll let you imagine.
A good day's skiing under slight high cloud to finish up with. I'll do some stats and a summary post once I'm home. (I'm posting this a day late from Le Val Moret, just south of Troyes, after an un-eventful drive from La Rosiere, listening to solid In Our Times).

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