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Monday, 7 February 2011

Day 31:La Rosiere and the pass

A relaxed day skiing with Ashley, Jennifer and Alison around La Rosiere, and then after lunch in the pass. Caroline wasn't feeling well, so spent the day in the chalet. We had lunch with Jo at the bar in the Petit Saint Bernard, and the proprietor seemed to recognise us, and left three "demis de pression" off the bill. He's clearly expecting us back all week. (Or, Jo at least, for her salade de noix au roquefort, which she had every day last year).

It was very hot, and therefore starting to be slushy (note the temperature on the board at left, at the "front de neige" in La Rosiere after lunch). We therefore decided to see how the snow is holding out in the pass, where it's normally colder than in La Rosiere. Indeed this turned out to be the case, the snow in the pass was fine.
Ashley, Jennifer and Alison at the fort, with that mountain behind them.

Jo arrived at Skimium at 1:25 to check the prices of snow-shoes, and found them about to set off on a walk with only one person, so she decided to join that.

Caroline seems somewhat better this evening. With any luck she'll be skiing tomorrow.

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