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Friday, 11 February 2011

Day 35: La Rosiere, La Thuile

Some high cloud today, so slightly cooler, though still pretty hot for February. Up and over to La Thuile for coffee. Jo was off with Alpes-Rando again today, back in Ste Foy and then up to Le Monal, so a completely different walk from Ste Foy from yesterday.
Lunch in Maison Carrel, which had an excellent Linguine with Ceps.
Panorama looking back from Italy up the Petit St Bernard pass,
Caroline had a fall (and slide) on the first real run after lunch and tweaked her knee, so she waited for us while we did a run back into La Thuile and came back up on the chair lift. Then we set off back to La Rosiere, losing Jennifer and Ashley in the pass since they wanted to do a few more runs.
Ashley, Caroline, Jennifer and Alison,
Alison and I left Caroline at the top of the fort to come down Choucas ("Just don't take any left turns"), and we skied down to the fort lift in slush. The snow in Italy is still amazingly good, but in France it's slush after 11am.
Last day skiing tomorrow.

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