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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Day 25: Tignes, Val d'Isere

Out with Ben and a group again. A nine a.m. start at the lift (250m walk in ski-boots away) is hard work.
L'Aiguille Percee (from the eponymous chair lift)
However we did stop for a coffee today at the restaurant at the top of the funicular up the Grande Motte, which gave me flashbacks, since it's identical (give or take some snowboards on the walls) to how it was in the eighties. Back then, of course, it was at the top of the bubble lift, but there's now a funicular inside the mountain, though we took a chair lift since it was sunny all day and the funicular is (apparently) slow.

After a non-stop run down from the top of the Grande Motte cable car to Val Claret (which seemed about 6km long, from My Tracks) up and down to lunch (also in Val Claret).

Queue for the Grande Motte cable-car
(built in 1975!) with Grande Motte in the background.
After lunch over to Val d'Isere, then back to Tignes Le Lac and up and down a few more runs before heading home from the Aiguille Percee down to Brevieres. The run back seemed slightly less icy at the bottom than yesterday.

A long day, 7h37 minutes, with 5h39 moving, but a good one.

~90 degree panorama looking East(?) from top of Grande Motte cable car (3505m by GPS, 3456m according to STGM)

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