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Monday, 31 January 2011

Day 24: Tignes, La Daille

Out today with the Bonjour ski guiding. The guide, Ben, is fast, but, as ever with a group of 11 people there's a degree of waiting around, and runs getting split into small sections. Up and down working our way around Tignes from the top of the lift from Les Brevieres in cloudy and grey conditions, including a run down the "Guerlain Chicheritt" Black run from the "Cold des Ves" lift, which is apparently rarely open. Moguls, but not too bad. Down to Val Claret and up and down to Lavachet for lunch. The big wall down into Tignes is now heavily pisted; I remember it as being all moguls back in the eighties...

After lunch the sun came out (and sunny weather is forecast through Sunday, with only a few clouds out until Wednesday week, so those coming on Sunday to La Rosiere should be prepared for no snow, and sunny weather). Up and down to Val Claret then over to La Daille, where I had the best fall of the holiday yet: I found some ice on a fairly steep section down through the woods to La Daille, fell, and slid "75-100m" according to witnesses. Though they also said "it was a pretty uninteresting slide". No skis came off, though, and only my pride was injured. Back up and down to Tignes Le Lac, then up and back to Les Brevieres, down a very icy red run.

Few pictures today, since there was no time to stop and take them (despite the stats showing a relatively short and slow day), but, jut for "The Editor" :
Cloud on Mont Blanc from run down to Les Brevieres


  1. I remember it being all moguls on the front of Toviere back in the 80s too. And they were the size of garden sheds.

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