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Sunday, 30 January 2011

Day 23: Champagny and on to Tignes

I left Meribel about 9:30 , and drove to Champagny. Apart from a slight detour through the centre of Brides Les Bains, which was clearly unnecessary, I got to Champagny about 10am and parked at the very top of the car park, by the lift. As I was adding skiing outer layers Manissa and Dave appeared from the lift. Up to  the lift office to get a day pass (and recover the Euro 3 deposit on my old pass), and chat to some Canadians in the queue ("What European countries don't have mountains or ski resorts?").
Up from Champagny (which looks barer than a few weeks ago; where's the snow?), and then down into La Plagne, and up onto the glacier, then back down to meet one of Manissa et al's colleagues for lunch, and to swap books.
The best omelette yet for lunch, "Omelette au Beaufort". Up and down a load of runs in La Plagne, which wasn't too icy, then back to Champagny, and after goodbyes, a drive down to Moutiers, then back up to Bourg and on to Tignes Les Brevieres. As ever, behind a bus coming up. (I must do the maths to demonstrate why this always happens!)
Arrived in Les Brevieres about 6pm, and found the "chalet", which is really more of a chalet hotel. Numbered rooms with keys, and a capacity of ~40 at a guess. Seems friendly enough, and food is good. They claim that the pistes in Tignes and around are in good condition. Tomorrow we will see.

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