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Monday, 17 January 2011

Day 10: Monday Jan 17 La Rosiere & La Thuile

Another excellent day's skiing. Ian left his helmet at the chalet, and had to go back for it, so Jenny and I did one run from the chairlift back to La Ros. Then up and down the small black run down to the drag lift, which I couldn't resist since no-one else seemed to have been down it. Across to the fort and over to Italy for a latte, and to buy lunch in the supermarket. They still have the excellent artisanal chocolate con lampone. Up an down a bunch of the black runs back to La Thuile which all seem in pretty good condition with only a few "interesting" patches of ice. Lunch at the top of Chaz Dura express with views over to the glacier du Ruitor. Down into the pass for a few more runs, but it started getting cold and windy in the pass, so I stopped for an espresso (1.20 Euro up a mountain it's still less than on the Gloucester Rd!). Back down to La Rosiere after a few runs down the fort and aroundabout. Discovered that I screwed up the data collection again, though it felt about the same as yesterday with a few more blacks in it. "My Tracks" should just turn on the GPS itself once you start recording a track!

Mostly modern Scottish song writers today. Roddy WoombleKarine Polwart, and the excellent Inge Thomson, whose ethereal vocals and weird songs suited the sunny Alps very well. Also Mumford and Sons which seemed a bit "2010"and overstated in the Alps.

Back up to town to buy a helmet in Skimium. Seems my head is worth less than one foot! La Rosiere regulars will be glad to know that not much has changed. The "Grande Guignol" is still in the salle Jean Arpin on Wednesday, and the market on Thursday. The lights over the table in Chocard now work, and it has WiFi. The navette drivers look a little less like the local biker gang, but are still friendly.

Time to stop, canapes and supper approach!

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