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Sunday, 16 January 2011

Day 8: Saturday 15 January Champagny, Les Arcs, La Rosiere

Left La Rosiere about 9:30. Settled up with the garagein Bozel (10
Euro for charging the battery), and on to Moutiers, where I found some
anti-rust treatment to put on the deeve in the car to try to stop it
all rusting before I get back to the UK and a proper fix. On to Bourg
Ste Maurice and up on the funicular to Arc 1600, since I bought a six
day Paradiski pass this is the sixth day. Hot sun all day. Up to the
glacier (phone's GPS and Google My Tracks reckons 3282m), and down to

Stopped at the big Intersport on the way out of Bourg and got some
more ski-socks and a water bag etc to put into my rucksack to give it
some "CamelBack" properties. They understood how to use the Carte Cadeau cards, which the smaller Intersport in  town where I hired skis had failed to do. Then up to La Rosiere (inevitably behind
a coach up the hairpins).

Chalet is virtually empty, just two other guests. I have the same room Jo and I shared last year, but a bathroom to myself, since there is no one in Jennifer and Ashley's bunk-bed room.

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