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Saturday, 29 January 2011

Day 22: Meribel, Courchevel

Over to Courchevel in sunshine this morning in the hope of finding good snow there. This actually turned out to be a fulfilled hope.
~270degree panorama from Creux Noirs. Saulire in the centre (ignore the giant safety poles in Meribel!)
Up to Creux Noirs on the usual basis of "here's a lift I haven't taken yet", and a good run down to Suisses, then up and down the Suisses black run a few times since it was so nice. Down to the Altiport since there was a queue at Suisses. They were actually playing polo. To end the morning back down to Chaudanne in Meribel for lunch and to meet Mary to ski the afternoon.
We went up both Tougnette lifts and had a good run down before deciding to go back to Courchevel since Mary hadn't found the Suisses run yet. Skiing with Mary makes me realise I should put in many more turns! A few more runs around Suisses and Turcs (which is mostly the same run), then back to Meribel for tea.
Peter, Jen, Sophia, Jim, Joanna

An excellent day to finish a pleasant week in the 3Vallees (which have been teaching me to keep my legs apart by throwing in some ice here and there to make things "interesting"). Tomorrow to Champagny for the day to ski with Manissa and friends for the day, then on to Tignes for next week.
Chalet host Mary drinking Irish coffee

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