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Thursday, 20 January 2011

Day 13: January 20 La Rosiere and La Thuile

Thursday is chalet hosts' day off, so I intended to sleep in (since there's no cooked breakfast to get up for), but didn't really succeed, waking at 8:30 anyway. Checked my mail and had some from the Ski Bonjour people who have a chalet in Tignes Les Brevieres. I'll be staying there Sunday week, so needed to call them to pay. As a result of a checking webcams to see the weather and visibility: cold (-10C in resort, -15C at the top) sunny in La Thuile, cloudy in France, I put on another layer and caught the 10:30 bus. I could already hear the omelette frites at the Relais du Petit St Bernard calling but decided that the caffe latte in La Thuile was louder at the moment, so set off for Italy.

After coffee I did the small black run a couple of times, then the women's downhill (though not from the top since that lift seems to be closed during the week). By now the omelette fromage frites was getting too loud to ignore, so I set off back to France, despite it being sunny (if cold) in Italy and cloudy in France. Starting from the bottom of the bubble in La Thuile at 12:45 I was at the Relais at 1:30, where the omelette was as good as ever.
After lunch up and down a few runs before deciding that it was too cold and crunchy, and that I'd like to sort out accommodation for next week (having sorted out Tignes for the week after). So back down, past the market, which seems the same as ever (two different cheese stalls, the sweet stall, the clothing stall).
Looked at accommodation in Meribel for next week. I mailed the people at  and got the kind of reply that suggests that you should phone because they're never going to look at your mail. <rant> Why do none of these companies have Skype contacts? </rant> In this case, though, they did call back, so I have a double room in a Les Grands Sorbiers from Sunday at a bargain price. I'll try to stay in the Hostellerie du Petit St Bernard in Bourg on Saturday night, since I stayed a week there a few years ago and enjoyed it.
So, with the Chalet Bonjour Bonjour in Tignes Les Brevieres for the week after next and Meribel next week, I'm all set up until the family are out and I'm back here in La Rosiere.
No canapes tonight, so time to sign off and go up to the Danois for a small meal (which was the point of the omelette at lunch).


  1. How long's the sabbatical Jim?

  2. It's really a pseudo-sabbatical. in the US Intel gives a seven week sabbatical every seven years. In Europe we are allowed to "bank" five days of holiday a year (by not taking them) and then at the end of five years take the accumulated five weeks in one chunk (with the recommendation that we also add two weeks from the current year, making the same seven weeks that US folks get).