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Friday, 21 January 2011

Day 14: January 21 La Rosiere & La Thuile

Last day in La Rosiere until the familay are out on Feb 6. Over into Italy with Jenny (the guest, not the chalet host, who was down in Bourg buying food for next week). Down for coffee as usual, then up to make sure Jenny knew how to find Le Rascard which does an excellent pizza funghi for 8Euro. Up the chairs and then back down including some black runs, which Jenny was slightly nevous about, but handled perfectly. Lunch at Le Rascard sharing a pizza, up and down to Arnouvaz and Argilien for a few runs, then down for coffee. Up the chairs, down to Chaz Dura express, and so, ultimately back to France for a chocolat chaud in Le Relais.

I was even persuaded into the hot tub, a  once a week occasion at best.
Looking forward to another great meal to finish an excellent week (as ever with the excellent SnowCrazy team). Those of you who weren't occupying all the spare space here in Chocard missed out on Jamie's excellent cooking and Jenny's friendly management. You should clearly be trying harder next year.


Jamie & Jenny
One note from yesterday that I forgot was finding people saying "I must go to Marcruss when I get back to get some new gloves" while I was on a chair lift. So, the fame of Marcruss extends to La Rosiere.

Ian & Jenny


  1. Reading your blog I can't wait to come out and see you, and all these photos aren't helping! I hope you're banking your Snow Crazy blogging kickbacks so we can have extra nice food when we're out there. By the way, I hope you know that if you're not in the hot tub you get to be official beer monitor. I shall set about making a sash! ;)

    I can also attest to the quality (and value) of Marcruss gloves :D

  2. Rumour has it that the chef in Chantelauze is French (and he did look like it in the Danois last night), so the food there has a many French recipes (which can't be bad!)
    I left the Danois *before* the Irish from Chantelauze started buying bottles of Jaegermeister and toffee vodka...
    If your making things, your magic insulator for camelback tubing would be good, though I guess it has to be sown around the tube (or maybe you could use velcro?). Mine certainly froze up in -15C...

  3. Unfortunately we're delaying our trip to Marcruss until next week, as Oz has work to do >:-(

    Toffee vodka sounds like an excellent idea, maybe we need a monitor for that too?

  4. The insulation tubes for the camel backs are easy enough, they are just thin tubes. The other thing to know is to blow back into the tube after use so that the tube itself is full of air rather than water. You can also de-frost it by during the day by putting the whole thing inside the rucksack for half an hour.

  5. I can certainly make you a fleecy tube for your camelback and you should just be able to slide it on. Do you want me to post it out or just wait to bring it? You can always use the trick with the whisky while you're waiting ;)

    Hopefully the French chef can cope catering for vegetarians!