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Friday, 28 January 2011

Day 21: Meribel, Courchevel, Les Menuires

A day under high cloud, so flat light. The meteo claimed the high cloud would clear at lunchtime, but if anything it got worse. Over to Courchevel with Jen and Soph(ia) who competently handled the red runs we found.
Panorama from Saulire looking including our favourite mountain.
We found the most expensive coffee yet (Euro 4.50 for an espresso), the fact that it was in Courchevel, and next to a Polo pitch should have been a giveaway. The people arriving seemed to be Camilla clones...
Panorama at the top of La Vizelle
At the top of La Vizelle we came across The Thinker. Maybe he's considering whether he can afford a coffee.
Soph and Jen were meeting some friends who'd been in ski school for lunch at noon in Meribel, so we headed back, and I carried on to Les Menuires, where I could hear the dessert du jour calling to me form La Marmite de Geant.
Dessert du Jour
The dessert du jour cost Euro 3.50 (though I think it should have been 4.90), but still, a much better deal than Courchevel.

Up to La Messe, but it was a bit icy and flat.
Panorama from Masses looking NE (ish)
Back down to Les Menuires, and back via Mottaret and Saulire for tea in the chalet.

Panorama from Masses looking SW(ish)
Les Menuires emblem at the top of Masses

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