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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Day 12: January 19 La Rosiere and La Thuile

Today started looking as if it was going to be a good day to stay in, write postcards, try to work out where I'll be next week, and sit in the bar drinking coffee. There was cloud and a very slight amount of snow. However it turned into a pretty good day.
View from Les Eucherts up towards Val d'Isere and Tignes when starting to ski.

Up from Les Eucherts and immediately into cloud, just able to see the chair two in front; down in no visibility to La Ros and back up, breaking out into sunlight at the top. Maybe this was going to be OK. Still grey at the Fort, but let's try Italy anyway. Sure enough ski down a little from the two drags and out into bright sunshine with no clouds at all. Down for coffee, and to admire the ice-cream.
Hand made ice-cream at La Cremerie

Up and down my favourite little black (no 37) a couple of times, then back up the mountain and all around the place. Cheese sandwich (crottin de chevre) and creme de marrons from a tube for lunch. For a sugar hit creme de marrons is hard to beat! Starting to get cold and windy... Still, the clouds are avoiding Italy and staying in France.
Clouds staying in France!

Up and down some more blacks and then back to France, since it was getting too cold and windy (-10C and 20km/h at the top).
Down for a well earned chocolat chaud in Jo's favourite bar. Despite the later start and  mixed weather my tracks reckons I still covered 77km as against 80km yesterday, which felt like a harder day.

Couldn't find a mini-USB cable so just took some photos on the phone, for which I do have the right cable.


  1. I've found my spare mini-USB to regular - will bring it... in 3 weeks! But you can keep it for the rest of the trip as we have a couple floating around.

  2. We're going to go to that ice cream place every day, right? Right?!

  3. I made it there for coffee every day I was in La Rosiere. They also have artisanale chocolates. I couldn't quite work out how to make a "Tarte Tatin" chocolate, but they had some...