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Sunday, 16 January 2011

Day 9: Sunday 16 January La Rosiere, La Thuile

Over to La Thuile for the mandatory annual picture of a Caffe Latte in
the ice-cream parlour in La Thuile. Lunch in Le Rascard (pizza funghi)
and more skiing. Sucking a few mouthfuls of water on each lift is
definitely a good thing. No clouds all day, but snow in reasonable
condition, and most runs open, including the blacks down into La
Thuile, though Escudets in La Rosiere and the run below Les Eucherts
are both closed.

Phone/GPS  convincing me that I should buy a skiing helmet, though I doubt that I really hit 76km/hour!

Excellent supper. Luckily we managed to string it out long enough that we could avoid playing Boggle afterwards!


  1. Well never mind that you missed out on Boggle, we can all play together when we are over there. Has Chantaleuze got an English dictionary or shall I bring one with me?

  2. Shall I bring Frustration? ;-)

  3. Pass the bomb! Pass the bomb!

  4. If you want to bring it through airport security, go for it.

    "Do you have any battery powered items?"
    "Yes, this bomb"

  5. I vote for "Number Quest", or Scrabble... (both Caroline's favourites).