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Sunday, 16 January 2011

Day 5 Wednesday 12 Jan Courchevel

Roger wanted to finish his DIY project (adding a curtain around the
bunks), an do other non-skiiing things, so Richard and I decided to go
over to Courchevel; my six-jours Paradiski pass includes a free day in
Trois Vallees. However, when we tried to unlock the car, it was clear
the battery was flat. Since no lights had been left on, this suggests
the battery has died. Roger kindly drove us over to Courchevel, where
we had a good says skiing, with some sun but getting cloudier
later. Back on the bus to Bozel, Roger came down to pick us up, and on
to the garage in Bozel, where M Le Proprietaire suggested bringing the
battery down. A task for tomorrow, though we disconnected the battery
with no problem. As I expected, a car batter is not "une pile", but I
failed to guess that it is "une batterie".
Boots seemed good, after a day's skiing, so agreed to buy them.
Roger cooked "cabillaud en sauce pirate" ("Jolly Roger" :-)).

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