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Sunday, 16 January 2011

Day 6,7 Jan 13,14 Champagny, La Plagne

With Roger down to Bozel to the garage who put the battery on
charge. Then out skiing with Richard and Manissa. Back down to Bozel
to pick up the battery, connecting it back to the car made the problem
obvious. The map light immediately came on. A result of the prat-nav
efforts on Sunday, when I had it on to read the map and work out where
I should be going. While reversing out of the parking slot in the
multi-storey I deeved the driver's door and sill against a pillar I
had failed to notice :-) Oh well. Car is working, at least. Booked for
Chalet Chocard in La Rosiere for a week from Saturday, and a six day
Espace San Bernardino pass online, the web owas offering a "pay for
five days and get six" deal if you booked online by 12th (yesterday),
but it went through fine!

Day 7 Friday 14th Jan
Out skiing with the whole crew (Richard, Roger, Manissa, John). Roger and I achieved our good  turn for the day by educating a couple of very friendly dutch guys in Tom Lehrer, to the extent that they wrote down his name! This was the result of someone commenting that e would all be  "going simultaneous", which, of course, led to a rendition of "When the air becomes uraneous we'' all go simuataneous", and then into highlights (i.e. the bits we remembered} of other classics.

A good day.

Sunset from Champagny looking towards Courchevel.

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