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Thursday, 27 January 2011

Day20: Meribel, Les Menuires, Val Thorens

A similar day to yesterday, though the sky was hazy today (but no snow in sight). Up and down a slightly different set of lifts and runs,  as usual taking the wrong lifts on a few occasions on the basis of "here's a lift I wonder where it goes" without looking at the piste map.

Pointless signs!?
This approach did find these wonderful signs next to a drag lift, though!

On Portette I fell over, for the first time this week. Rats. Finally I got up to the top of the Col (one of the slowest chair lifts in the world AFAICT) by the Glacier de Thorens at 3130m. Here's a panorama (for the Editor's benefit looking south, so not including Mont Blanc). This was stitched together in no time by the wonderful Hugin open source stitching software. Throw in three photos, ask its expert to stitch them, and out comes a panorama!
Panorama looking south from "Col" over the glacier.
By now, though, I could here the cries of the "Tarte Tatin fabrication maison" that I didn't have on Tuesday, so down to Les Menuires and La Marmite de Geant.
Tarte Tatin at La Marmite de Geant
The tarte tatin wasn't dessert du jour today, but it seemed a good choice. Indeed, there was a chap at the next table who'd just finished eating his dessert du jour (fromage frais au coulis), but, when he saw my tarte tatin he ordered one too!
Back to Meribel without going via Mottaret just in time to hear them announcing the final results of the Europa cup slalom.

Meribel with that mountain behind it
Up on Saulire and so home by 4pm. This seemed like a shorter day than yesterday, but My Tracks reckons yesterday was 6:15:52 and today 6:15:23, and that I was moving longer today, which seems unlikely since I stopped for lunch today but didn't yesterday. I think it's the teleportation yesterday that confuses it!
Jim at 3 Marches (2704m)

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