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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Day 32: La Rosiere, La Thuile

Caroline was still ill today, so Alison, Ashley, Jennifer and I set off for Italy under blazing sun. We did the run down from the top of the second drag lift into La Thuile without stopping. Then into the coffee shop for coffee. Up the short chair lift and down the black, then up all the chairs to the top of the Ladies Downhill. Down that and to Le Rascard for lunch, but, no pizzas today (the only guy who knows how to make them was off sick). The patron promises they'll be on the menu tomorrow. Mike came in and left again when he heard there were no pizzas.
After lunch we did a few runs, then got stuck on a lift for 15 minutes. We were forced to sample Ashley's "Gin and Tonic" chocolate. Since we had lost time and people were feeling tired, we decided to head back, so we took the Chaz Dura Express. Unfortunately Alison wasn't paying attention to the signs at the half way point that tell you to "Keep your poles up", so ended up with two 30cm long poles!
Alison and "modified" poles.

Mont Blanc from the pass.
Sun setting on Les Arcs from Chantelauze balcony.
Jo out with Alpes-Rando yesterday.
Back to La Rosiere, where we happened to meet Jo outside the bank, with a new set of Inook Odalys snow shoes. Unfortunately her trip out with Evo-2 was cancelled, but she did some walking on her own, and has booked a number of other outings which do seem to have a quorum already.

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